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The LA Family

‘Trust In The LORD!’ (Ps. 115) by @0rode #LAFruits Devotional


Reading: Ezekiel 48, Psalm 115

Trust In The LORD!

TEXT: “Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, But to Your name give glory, Because of Your mercy, Because of Your truth.” Psalm 115:1

God has sought nothing but to free His children from bondage, from every form of oppression that creates a gulf between our soul and Him…yet here we are still battling between flesh and spirit. We place other people and things before God and use our own nature to give glory to the creation of our hands, feed our flesh and place ourselves in danger of losing our soul to death. And, these days our idols are more sophisticated – self-help coaches, social media, television etc., we are more prone to seek help from and trust in the views of ‘experts’ than find the truth from God’s word.

So when you speak to someone who doubts that salvation is theirs because of something, or things, which transpired in their past or even presently, light their path to the word, tell them to trust in the LORD, He is their help and shield’ (Ps. 115:11).

If you are weak and struggling to free yourself from a situation or experience that feels like bondage, and you cannot seem to connect with God. Open your bible, then your mouth and bless the LORD. God is forever mindful of all that concerns you.

You are not alone, read the word and see that your struggles are nothing new; God has seen, and delivered His children from, the worst.

LEARN and APPLY: Bring peace to your soul; your salvation has already taken place.

Pray: I will trust in You my God. You are my only help, my only shield. I pray that Your children too will come to trust in You only and we will bless Your name forevermore. Amen!

Written by Orode Faka of @thelafamily