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The LA Family

‘The Word Of God’ (Ez. 10) by @Eloxie #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Psalm 77, Ezekiel 10
@thelafamily 20 October

The Word Of God

Text: Ezekiel 10

From Genesis to Revelation, we see God on a journey with His people. He wanted them to know and understand Him, little wonder in Jer. 9:24 He said, “Let him that boasts, boast that He knows and understands me.” In Ezekiel 10, the prophet tells of a vision he had of God’s glory in the temple. Notice how detailed the vision – from the specific description of the four faces of cherubim to where they were positioned. We also see God’s consistence – Ezekiel testifies that the cherubim were same as one he had seen earlier. God was giving Ezekiel a glimpse of His glory and of the order of His kingdom. Likewise, walking with God brings order to our lives and requires physical and spiritual order.

And the beauty of the Spirit of the word is that it is consistent. God’s word is truth, and we can find consistency across 66 books, written by over 40 people over 2000 years. God is His word. God is in His word and, like Ezekiel encountered the cherubim and the glory, by being sensitive to the Spirit beyond the logos, we too can encounter God as we study His word.

What changes do you need to make to bring order into your life today?

LEARN and APPLY: Study the word with a thirst for the God of the word. Wait on God to reveal Himself to you by His Spirit as we study and obey.

Pray: Father, our hearts and spirits are thirsty to know You better. We want to experience supernatural encounters of Your glory. As we study Your word, open our hearts to see Your face and not Your hand. Amen.

Written by Eloho Onwah (@Eloxie) of @thelafamily