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The LA Family

‘The Soul of Man’ #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Psalm 99, Hebrews 12

@thelafamily June 14

The Soul Of Man

Sanctification is possessing the mind of Christ, and all the mind of Christ.” – John Wesley.

I was absolutely shocked the other day beyond anything I think my spirit ever received. A dear lady who professes not only to live a holy life but to possess the real baptism of the Holy Ghost and who discusses the subject a great deal , was guilty of saying one of the vilest things I ever heard concerning another. I do not believe there is even an evidence of sanctification in that life

It shows us that people are placing their dependence in the fact that in their spirit they know God, that they have been saved from sin, and are going to heaven when they die; but they are living like the devil in this present life, talking like the devil. It is an abomination. It spells a tremendous degree of ignorance. It shows that that individual does not comprehend the first principles of the breadth of salvation as Jesus taught it to the world – a holy mind, a sanctified spirit.

Beloved, I tell you, a holy mind cannot repeat a vile thing let alone be the creator of the vile suggestion. It is an unholy mind that is capable of such an act.

But bless God, here is the hope, here is the strength, here is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – that the power of God unto salvation applied to the mind of man sanctifies the soul of man and makes the mind of man like the mind of Christ.

Beloved, in our home, in our life, in our office, wherever we are, we leave the impression of our thoughts there. If our thoughts are pure and holy like Christ, people will walk into the atmosphere and instantly discover it.

God, I pray that the power of God will come upon Christians, that they may feel, oh God, the necessity of submitting the wicked, accursed, vile mind of man to the living God to be purged and cleansed and remolded, that it may become in deed and in truth the mind of Christ.

The above is an excerpt from our Book of the Month, Sanctification by John G. Lake.

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