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‘The Preliminaries of Soul Winning’ by John Rice #LAFruits Devotional

@thelafamily November 8

The Preliminaries Of Soul Winning

We make here some brief suggestions that have proved helpful as people plan to win souls.
1. Pray for God to guide you where to go and what to say.
Pray particularly for the power of the Holy Spirit upon you. Remember, soul winning is a supernatural business and no one can do it without supernatural help.

2. When going among strangers, and from house to house particularly, it is often wise to go two by two.
Usually, in dealing with one particular person, one person should do the talking while the other tries to see that there is no interruption.

3. Be clean and neat.
The soul winner ought to look like a respectable, trustworthy lady or gentleman.

4. Be pleasant, considerate, courteous.
Don’t be bossy. This is simply another way of saying that there ought to be a genuine, warm love in your heart for sinners, a compassion, a sympathetic understanding of people, and a liking for people.

5. Stay on the main track.
Don’t argue about eternal security, about holiness, about the Second Coming, or worldly amusements, or habits. Don’t argue over denominational differences. Keep the conversation on the simple plane that all of us, therefore including the friend to whom you are speaking, are sinners and need the Saviour, and show him that by the Scriptures.

6. The soul winner should largely control the conversation.
You are dealing with the most important subject in the world. You should have planned ahead of time some simple steps. I beg you, try to control the conversation and lead through the matter of the guilt of sin, the free salvation paid for by Jesus Christ, and the fact that this salvation may be had at once by personal faith in Christ. Then press for a decision.

The above is an excerpt from John Rice’s book, Personal Soul Winning. To read more please click here