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‘The Power of Consecration to Principle’ by John G Lake #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Psalm 120, 3 John

@thelafamily July 5


The Power Of Consecration To Principle

Successful Christian life rests on three essentials:
First: A knowledge of the teaching of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, whose words are the final authority.
Second: Consecration to do all the will of God as declared by the Lord Jesus.
Third: Recognition of the Holy Spirit as revealer, guide, interpreter, teacher, and empowerer. For without the presence of the Spirit of God in our hearts, we would not be able to live it.

And without a knowledge of the teaching of Jesus our consecration would be non-intelligent.
The principles of the kingdom of heaven are those underlying qualities upon which the whole structure of the Christian life rests.

Now the first principle that He laid down was this one: “Bless are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven,” Usually we confuse this with the other one, “Blessed are the meek,”‘ and we have commonly thought of one who is poor in spirit as being a meek person – possessing the spirit of meekness. But it is much more than that. The thing Jesus urged upon men was to practice what He had done Himself.
Jesus was the King of glory, yet He laid down all His glory. He came to earth and took upon Himself our condition.

Now see!”Blessed are the poor in spirit.”
Blessed is he who regards the interests of the kingdom of heaven as paramount to every other interest in the world, paramount to his own personal interest.
Blessed is he whose interest in life, whose interest in the world is only used to extend the interest of the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed is he who has lost his own identity as an individual and has become a citizen of the kingdom. Blessed is he who forgets to hoard wealth for himself, but who uses all he has and all he is for the extension of the kingdom of heaven. It is putting the law of love of God and one another into practice.

The above is an excerpt from John G. Lake’s Power of Consecration to Principle. You may download the full text here