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The LA Family

‘The Lord Is King!’ (Ps. 97) by @zik_t #LAFruits Devotional

@thelafamily the la family

Reading: Ezekiel 30, Psalm 97

The Lord Is King!

Text: “The lord is king! Earth, be glad! Rejoice, you islands of the seas! 4His lightning lights up the world; the earth sees it and trembles…5The hills melt like wax before the LORD, before the lord of all the earth.” Psalms 97:1-5 (GNB)

Recently, I was in a room where I did not know how things were arranged, even the position of the light switch. On the first day there I could not find the switch, and there was no one to ask so I was in darkness. I even thought about the probability of the room not having a switch (and maybe light). Luckily for me on the second day, someone had left the lights on but I still could not locate the switch. On the third day I decided search for the switch, since I now knew it must be somewhere, and discovered that it was positioned above the level where switches were normally placed.

This is the same life experience of so many who are still in the dark (not saved and haven’t received Christ into their lives). Some do not even know Christ’s light exists; many cannot locate it for themselves like I was able to locate the light switch. Some see the light of Christ, but do not know the source of this light. And as children of God who have been saved, it is our responsibility to reach out to them, show them to the switch. Preach Christ; He is the only source of light to this dark world.

LEARN and APPLY: Let others see Christ’s light in you and in everything you do.

Pray: LORD thank you lord, for Christ’s light of salvation that is illuminating my path. Help me to reach out to many, proclaiming this light.

Written by Isaac Thani (@zik_t) of @thelafamily