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The LA Family

‘The Crowning Hope!’ (1 Thess. 2) by @ifyrae #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Psalm 67, 1 Thessalonians 2

@thelafamily MAY 13

The Crowning Hope!

Text: ‘For what is our hope, our joy, or the crown in which we will glory in the presence of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Is it not you? Indeed, you are our glory and joy.’ 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20 (NIV)

None of us is without hope when we look into the future. It could be hope that our present investments will pay off, our children will grow up to be great and/or generally grow to be able to live a good life. All these ‘hopes’ are not bad as far as the world is concerned, but what happens when we appear before our Lord Jesus Christ?

Can we be certain there will be joy and boasting of the hope on which we have set our hearts, at present? Any human hope we currently have concerning the future will be diminished at the appearance of Christ. The only hope whose light is not dimmed by the brightness of Christ appearing, is the hope of one who has made himself a servant of others for Jesus’ sake and who has lived to see and aid the growth of others in the Lord.

Paul was looking into the future with great hope of receiving the crown because many Thessalonians were forsaking idols and embracing the gospel, which he had brought to them. We are the light of the world sent to those in darkness with this same gospel to enrich lives and bring light into the hearts of those who would be isolated and empty.

How much hope do we have when we look into the future if we do not strive to help a backsliding brother or sister to get back on his/her feet?

LEARN and APPLY: Reach out to one more person with the gospel and constantly strive to invest in works that will stand the test of time, especially when we stand before the Lord!

Prayer Focus:
Father in heaven, give us the grace to look beyond the fleeting things of this world and strive to base our hope and glory on how we have advanced your kingdom. Amen!

Ifeoma Ojinnaka Anselem (@ifyrae) of @thelafamily