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The LA Family

‘The Character Of God’ by W.F Kumuyi #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Micah 5, Psalm 33
@thelafamily September 06

The Character Of God

You are of purer eyes than to behold evil, And cannot look on wickedness” – Habakuk1:13

We need to know God and understand how He works, what He does and how He does it. It is necessary to know about His character in order to live a life pleasing unto Him, worship Him acceptably, relate with Him, pray to Him and expect an answer. To represent God as preachers and witnesses, live to the glory of His name here on earth and live with Him eternally, we need to know Him. To relate properly with anyone, you must understand the desires and aspirations of that person, his likes and dislikes.

The Bible reveals God as the Almighty, the Builder and Maker of all things. It also reveals Him as divine, supernatural (no limitation in time and space), eternal and Father of all believers. God is great, good, gracious, glorious, holy and high above all; He is invisible, incorruptible, immutable and incomprehensible. He is just, the Judge of all, King of kings and Lord of lords. He is love, the living God, the Most High God and the One who is mighty. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, perfect, pure and powerful. He is the quickening Spirit whose voice will raise the dead on the final day. He is righteous and source of all life. He is the searcher of all hearts, sustainer of creation, upholder of saints, the universe and all things. There is no variableness or shadow of turning in His character; He will take vengeance on all unrepentant, evil doers; His wrath will burn like eternal fire. He is a wonder to all.

As we understand who God is and become conscious that He measures, evaluates and weighs every actions and inactions, we will be able to please and serve Him more acceptably.

The above is an excerpt from W.F Kumuyi’s sermon, ‘The Character of God’. See the full study here