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September 1 – Judges 18

Go Before Me
Judges 18

Text: And they said unto him, Ask counsel, we pray thee, of God, that we may know whether our way which we go shall be prosperous. Judges 18:5

Learn and Apply:

The tribe of Dan were on their way to claim their inheritance and upon meeting a Levite, Micah’s priest besought him to tell them if they would have victory in battle. It is very good to ask God’s approval before embarking on any journey, for if the Lord go before us, we shall not miss our way. The answer from the priest was positive, and this emboldened them to go and take possession of their land.

It is good if we find a priest to pray to God on our behalf, but it is better if we learn to pray to God by ourselves, for he hears the prayers of the righteous (John 9:31). The hands of the Lord are not too short to save, nor his ears too dull to hear, but our iniquity keeps us away from God that He will not hear us (Psalm 59:1-2). Therefore to speak to God and have Him hear and respond, we must turn away from our evil ways and begin to do God’s will. Then when we call, He will answer us and tell us all we need to know about our future.

Talk to God today, He hears you.

Pray: Thank you Father for you hear me when I call. Show me the secrets of my life, and walk before me so that I will not stumble in the way, in Jesus name.

By Ikechukwu Amadi