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The LA Family

‘Resting in God’ (Ps. 116) by @damieji #LAFruits Devotional


Reading: Psalm 116

Resting In God

TEXT: “Return unto thy rest O my Soul, For the lord hath dealth bountifully toward thee” – Psalm 116:7

Our world is busy and likewise, on a daily basis, we find our soul going through the same. Either from the varying emotions of the day, the moral dilemmas or the temptations, which are part of our daily life; and like the body, the soul needs rest. This rest, however, can only be found in God. When we spend our day resting in God, we attain salvation of our souls (Isaiah 30:15). The confidence we develop as we dwell continually with Him serves as a source of strength, and peace to us (Isaiah 26:3).

Daily resting in God implies daily committing your day to Him, trusting Him, relying on His word and His promises. It means holding on to God’s word throughout the day and letting His Word lead you through every daily challenge. And at the end of the day you will find yourself no longer burdened because you have done according to God’s will.

LEARN and APPLY: As we ensure that our period of physical rest is used for its purpose, we should also endeavor to set aside time to thank God for the day and declare God’s Word concerning unresolved issues.

Pray: Dear God, help my soul to rest in you, help me to treasure the rest which You give and help my heart to remain steady in You through every challenge in my day. In Jesus name.

Written by Muyiwa Oyelana @damieji of @thelafamily