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The LA Family

‘Real Christianity’ #LAFruits Devotional (BoM)

Reading: Psalm 106, 1 Peter 1

@thelafamily June 21


Real Christianity

Christians seem to feel as if they were not to exercise any control over the mind and so it seems to run at random, just like the mind of the world.
Real Christianity is marked by the pureness, by the holiness of the thoughts of man, and if Christianity – the kind you have – does not produce in your mind real holiness, real purity, real sweetness, real truth, then it is a poor brand.

Change it right away.

Beloved, there is relief for such; there is a way of salvation. It is in the submission of that mind to the Lord Jesus to be remolded by the Holy Spirit so that that mind becomes the pure channel of a holy nature.
Surely we who profess to know the living God ought to present to the world that attitude of mind, that pureness of mind, that holiness of mind which needs no recommendation. The people know it, they-feel- if, they smell it. They know it is the mind of Christ.

Do you know that the sins of vileness in men’s lives originate in the mind? A man’s life will be of the character of his thought. If he thinks evil he will be evil. If he thinks holy he will be holy. His outward life will be as the inner impulse is. Jesus said, From within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, etc. (Mt. 5:19).

Beloved, our minds need to be stayed in Christ, kept by the power of God, infilled with the Holy Spirit of Christ so that we reflect His beauty, we show forth His love, we manifest His sweetness, and evidence His power.

Oh God, I ask Thee that Thou wilt help me submit my mind to God so that it may be remolded in love and sweetness and purity and holiness, so that in the name of Jesus they are the minds of Christ.

The above is an excerpt from John G Lake’s Sanctification. Download here

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God bless you.