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The LA Family

‘Overcome The World!’ (1 John 5) by @ifyrae #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Psalm 118, 1 John 5,

@thelafamily July 3


Overcome The World!

Text: “Who is it that overcomes the world? Only one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God” 1 John 5:5 (NIV)

Years ago, I held the notion that once one gave his/her life to Christ, he/she would be spared bad leadership and ungodly laws being approved that do not favour believers in the Lord Jesus. As I have matured, I now understand what Jesus meant when He told His disciples that the world would hate them because they were not the world’s (Jn.15:19).

It is only our faith in Christ that will make us overcome the world and its principles. Christ overcame the world so that we, His followers, have the grace and power to overcome the world too. Faith sanctifies the heart, and purifies it from those sensual lusts by which the world obtains dominion over souls.
Faith has the indwelling Spirit of grace, which is greater than he who dwells in the world.

We can overcome the world by our faith. Study and observe the life and conduct of the Lord Jesus on earth and we will see that this world is to be renounced and conquered. The world cannot satisfy us, look beyond it.

Keep tending, striving, and pressing toward heaven. We must all, overcome the world, or it will overcome us, to our ruin.

LEARN and APPLY: Dig deeper into the Word of God to stay ahead of the world’s entrapments and snares for our souls, we are not of this world!

Pray: Lord the Truth in Your Holy Spirit has been revealed to us and we ask for grace to be steadfast and hold onto You so we do not conform to the rules of this world. Amen

Written by Ifeoma Ojinnaka (@ifyrae) of @thelafamily