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The LA Family

#LAWisdom Devotional: ‘Wisdom To Acknowledge God’s Greatness!’ (Job 9) by @eloxie

1 sept @thelafamily

Thursday 1 September 2016

Reading: Job 9, 1 Timothy 4

Wisdom To Acknowledge God’s Greatness!

TEXT: “Without warning, He moves the mountains, overturning them in His anger. He shakes the earth from its place and its foundations tremble” Job 9:5-6 (NLT)


Like Job, we often endure painful experiences we know God could have prevented and so we come to Him in prayer with a lot of questions. It hurts a lot more when we know that He can move the mountains and overturn them in His anger. We know for a fact what He can do but our lives appear to reflect the opposite.

What do we do then? We acknowledge God’s sovereignty: The fact that He does what He wants how He wants to. We approach Him with faith in His character and ability but also in His timing even when we do not understand. That right there is the attitude to prayer God wants us to Have, trusting that as a good father, He will not withhold good from us. This is effectual prayer.

Pray: Dear Father, please give me the grace to trust Your ways even when they appear to be painful. I know they may not be good to me but are good for me. Help me embrace your sovereignty in every area of my life in Jesus’ name.

Written by Eloho Onwah (@eloxie) of @thelafamily