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June 30 – Proverbs 30: Desire the Word

Desire the Word 

Proverbs 30

Text: Every word of God is pure;
He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him (Proverbs 30:5).

Learn and Apply: Having been blessed with a new born, and having seen him earnestly desire and drink breast milk, I now understand a few things more. Milk happens to be the only thing a new born’s belly can digest, and that milk is enough to supply all he needs to keep him healthy and happy. Actually, there is very little breast milk cannot take care of in new borns. Even when you are scared that he is under the weather, the doctors will ask if he is nursing okay. And when he is, they’ll tell you everything is fine.

Apostle Peter was a family man and therefore wrote, As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby (1 Peter 2:2), Indeed every word of God is pure, in that it is undefiled and purifies anyone who exposes himself to it daily.

Therefore, whatever you are going through, take in the word of God; read it and do what it says. And God will continue to be a shield to you.

Pray: Thank you Father for your word which is pure and which purifies me. Teach me your word today and help me to apply it to my life in Jesus name.

By Ikechukwu Amadi