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The LA Family

‘God The Spirit Of Truth’ (Psalm 35) by @blessingshares #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Micah 7, Psalm 35
@thelafamily September 08

‘God The Spirit Of Truth’

TEXT: ‘And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord: it shall rejoice in His salvation.’ Psalm 35:9

There is great news in the house today! God our Father has taken time out to bring us into our promised land, which is the Holy Spirit of God. Amen. The gospel has given us a liberty that cannot be compared with anything the world can ever offer, and what better way to wrap this great gift than in God’s Spirit – the Holy Ghost.

God has given us His Spirit and ‘Jesus Christ, the Spirit of truth’ remains ours today too. Yes, say it to yourself: ‘Jesus is mine!’

Reading through today’s Psalm, we can understand this victory. As privileged children of God, in our promised land, we have the liberty to come boldly before the throne of grace, to obtain mercy and find the grace of help in times of need.

This Promised Land that God has brought us into, is not a place where we live with anxiety, but with praises to the Lord (Psalm 35:28, 36:5). As you mediate in your heart that ‘Jesus is mine!’, your victory is assured at all times. Amen.

LEARN and APPLY: When we live in the realization that ‘Jesus is ours!’, we can then move past the clouds of the enemy and live as the conquerors that God has made us.

Pray: Lord, thank You for Your word that reassures us of Your love. Thank You Father for the great news that You are for us, and no one can be against us. Give us the grace to enjoy the benefits You have given us in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whom we are victorious, in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

Written by Blessing Okoro (@blessingshares) of @thelafamily