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The LA Family

‘God The Master Builder’ (Nahum 2) by @persiux5 #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Nahum 2 Psalms 37
@thelafamily September 10

God The Master Builder

TEXT: “The chariots race madly through the streets; they rush to and fro through the squares; they gleam like torches; they dart like lightning”. Nahum 2:4

Nahum saw in coming days that there will be a time when things will be like chariots moving around really fast. God is like the manufacturer of vehicles and the vehicles represent our bodies. In His showroom you will see different models of cars, each possessing a form of beauty and purpose to the manufacturer whether the buyer agreed or not. The buyer will rarely have a say in a car’s production. Similarly, when God creates you, He does not ask your point of view on how you will look. He does not ask your parents what your body should look like. Accept it or not, you will find God has created you how he likes.

God has a purpose for your body, which means you have to look after it. When you want to buy a car you go to the showroom, view the selection available but before purchasing the salesperson will enquire of your budget. Now, if you can afford a N950,000 car, you will have to prove it. This is the same with the kingdom of God.
LEARN and APPLY: Demonstrate to God that you are willing to prove that you can afford the price for serving in His kingdom. God will not give you a gift if He knew you cannot do it.
Pray: God, give me the gift and make me capable of taking care of the gift so I can finish well in Jesus’ name, Amen.
Written by Dennis Agyeman (@persiux5) of @thelafamily