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The LA Family

‘Fruitful Or Shrivelled Up?’ (Ez. 19) by @yinkaakinwale #LAFruits Devotional


Reading: Psalm 86, Ezekiel 19


Fruitful Or Shrivelled Up?

TEXT: “…like a vine in your vineyard planted by the water; it was fruitful and full of branches because of abundant water… But it was uprooted in fury and thrown to the ground. The east wind made it shrivel…” Ezekiel 19:10-12 (NIV)

I love gardening. It helps me unwind after a busy day or week. When gardening I try to pay attention to the little details – the preference of some plants for balcony shade as opposed to outdoor sunlight, the different seasons in which different plants flower, and I even notice the way plants always grow towards the direction of the sun. One particularly detail that fascinates me is how quickly most plants begin to shrivel up once they have been uprooted and cut off from nutrient and water supply.

In today’s text, the prophet Ezekiel has a vision. He sees Israel disconnected from its source and immediately begin to shrivel. That term ‘shrivel’, also describes the lives of so many believers – Christians who know in their hearts that they are saved, but cannot seem to get it together, and bear fruit. These Christians live contradictory lifestyles, which do not glorify God. They cannot seem to control themselves – sin, and its vices: alcohol, sex, pornography etc., soon take over their lives.

Yet, there is hope. God’s word is Spirit, and is the source of nourishment for all who are born again (John 6:63). Whether it comes from inspired thought, or through studying scripture, God’s word provides illumination and instruction for all who feed on it (Psalm 119:11).

If you do not want a shrivelled up Christian walk, go after the Word! In it you’ll find life, love, joy, hope and peace.

LEARN and APPLY: In order to remain healthy and fruitful, we must stay connected to the word, just as plants must maintain access to water and nutrients if they are to remain fresh and beautiful.

Pray: Dear Father, I ask for grace to desire earnestly the pure milk of your word, that I may grow, blossom and bear fruit for you, thereby, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Written by Yinka Akinwale (@yinkaakinwale) of @thelafamily