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The LA Family

Feb 11 – John 2

All Knowing God
John 2

Text: But Jesus did not commit Himself to them, because He knew all men. John 2:24

Learn and Apply: Although we can see people’s actions, we can never tell their intentions or motives. Their actions, although good and fair, may have serious hidden ulterior motives. A great many have trusted the seemingly good actions of people, only for them to be heart broken in the end. On our own we cannot tell a man’s heart; we can not tell his intentions, we cannot tell if they will change after a while. Only God knows. And that is why we must go to him daily to reveal to us the partnerships we must persist in.

Jesus knew the hearts of men and therefore didn’t commit himself to any man. As we seek God’s face for our relationships, businesses, and friendships, may he reveal to us who and who we should commit to, for the glory of GOd.

God knows every man’s heart and therefore will not lead us astray!

Thank you Father, for you reveal the secret things of the hearts of men. I pray that you give me a listening ear, so that I can stay out of harm’s way, in Jesus name.

By Ike Amadi

Jesus knows all about our struggles;
  He will guide ’til the day is done:
There’s not a Friend like the lowly Jesus:
    No, not one! no, not one!