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The LA Family

Far From Evil (Prov. 5) by @ikeamadi #LAWisdom Devotional


Far From Evil

Text: ‘Remove your way far from her, And do not go near the door of her house.’ Proverbs 5:8


The idea that ‘I will go close but not get burnt,’ seems prevalent in the unwise. God warns that sin seldom confronts. It comes subtly, as though it can be contained, and because of the subtlety of sin, we are often unable to detect the cancer it carries.

Let us go far from all appearance of evil. Let our feet not near its paths. Once the Holy Spirit alerts you of an appearance of evil, please run far! Do not attempt to manage it, as the end is always bitter.

God help us to order our steps in Wisdom’s way. Amen.


Lord, help me to not carried away by the smooth talk of the immoral man or woman in

Jesus name. Amen.

Written by @ikeamadi of @theLAfamily