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‘Certain Devices Are Helpful in Soul Winning’ by John Rice #LAFruits Devotional

The LA family

Reading: Ezekiel 43, Psalm 110
Memory Verse: Ezekiel 43:2

Certain Devices Are Helpful in Soul Winning

In the case of the paralytic man borne of four given in Mark 2 and in the other Gospels, Jesus first said, “Son, thy sins be forgiven thee,” and then as an evidence and assurance of forgiveness of sins He healed the man’s body.
The spiritually-minded soul winner will find different devices to help illustrate the Gospel and to cause people to see that they are sinners and need salvation, and to give assurance of salvation when they trust the Saviour.

1. It is often wise to get the sinner to pray.

We know, of course, that when the heart turns to Christ and trusts Him, one is saved, whether he consciously prays or not. But both public confession and prayer are used as the outward form or demonstration of faith. So “with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation,” we read in Romans 10:10.
It is wise to try to see that there is a definite transaction in a choice of the will, a holy decision to trust Christ and claim Him, when the sinner turns to Christ.

2. Sometimes it is wise to use an object lesson to make clear that our sins are all laid on Jesus.

Sometimes you may select a weight, a stone, a book, and say, “Let this represent your sins. Now you hold this weight in your hands. Now all your sins are on you. Now suppose we put this weight over in the hands of this other man. Let him represent Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that Christ has borne our sins. Jesus suffered in our place. Ho was the substitute for us. Now your sins are all laid on Jesus. Then they are not charged to you but charged to Jesus. Jesus died for them, and you are not to be judged for these sins anymore!”

The above is an excerpt from John Rice’ book: Personal Soul Winning. Please read the full chapter here