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The LA Family

‘Beyond What We See’ (Rev. 7) by @buqolar #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Psalm 128, Revelation 7

@thelafamily July 13


Beyond What We See


TEXT: ‘They shall neither hunger anymore nor thirst anymore; the sun shall not strike them nor any heat…and God will wipe away every tears from their eyes.’-Revelation 7: 16-17


I’ve never liked exam season: the studying, sleepless nights and the preparation that comes with it. I know a lot of people are like me, and we are resigned to the fact that examinations serve their purpose. Besides, most are over pretty quickly. Nevertheless, without examinations it will be almost impossible to move to the next level.

Someday, our lives on earth will be like these exam seasons too – a faint recollection, a dim memory. Over! All the discomforts and troubles of our days here will fade away once eternity is in view. We will no longer be consumed by our bills, job security, weight loss plans, marital insecurities etc. There will be no more pain. No more cancer, no malaria, no headaches, no bruises. There will be no broken hearts, no ulterior motives, no loneliness, no disappointments, and no deadlines. Family tensions, natural/man-made disasters, rejection, financial constraints, rivalries and quarrels will end.

There will be no shame, no guilt, no fear, no stress. Our souls will find perfect peace and our bodies will be made new. And God will wipe away every tear. ‘Let us therefore do our best to go into that place of rest.’ (Hebrews 4:11a NLT)

LEARN and APPLY: Life on earth serves its purpose to prepare us for eternity. We have the assurance that someday, we will be completely free.

Pray: Help me Lord to be diligent to enter the place of rest you have promised.

Written by Bukola Stephanie Okunola (@buqolar) of @thelafamily