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The LA Family

August 25 – Judges 11

Keep Your Vows
Judges 11

Text: And it came to pass, when he saw her, that he tore his clothes, and said, “Alas, my daughter! You have brought me very low! You are among those who trouble me! For I have given my word to the Lord, and I cannot [h]go back on it.” Judges 11:35

Learn and Apply:

The people of Israel were again under siege by the children of Ammon. The Ammonites wanted to take over the land of Gilead. The elders therefore went to seek Jephthah’s help, a castaway. And he acquiesced to their request. But then he made a vow to God that if God gives him victory over the people of Ammon, he would give him the first thing that comes out to see him upon his return – alas, it was his only daughter!

Jephthah kept his word to the Lord, although it was a very difficult thing to do. He fulfilled his vows. He did not turn back on his word. When the Lord gives us victory over life situations, let us fulfill our vows to God (Psalm 116:14). Let us not turn back on our word. And as we do so, God’s presence will continue to abide with us, and He will keep his word to us forever in Jesus name.

Pray: Father, thank you for your word to us, I pray you help me to keep my vows to you, in Jesus name. Amen.

By Ikechukwu Amadi