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The LA Family

August 18 – Judges 4

God of Grace and Victory

Judges 4

Text: Then Deborah said to Barak, “Up! For this is the day in which the Lord has delivered Sisera into your hand. Has not the Lord gone out before you?”  Judges 4:14

Learn and Apply

After the Israelites suffered in the Hands of Sisera for 20 years, they cried to God for Help. Despite the fact that they had disobeyed God, He answered their cry.

Many are the times we do evil in the sight of God (Rom 3:10). The consequences may bring suffering and pain, but our God is full of mercy and ready to forgive. When we cry to Him in repentance, He will deliver us and give us victory over the battles we are facing.

Today, God has given us the grace to triumph. He has given us total victory over sin and the troubles of the world. It is up to us to rise and take what belongs to us, in Jesus name.


Dear Lord, I repent for disobeying your word and pray for victory over every bondage in my life. Thank you for your grace is sufficient for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

By Liz Bore