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The LA Family

A Mind Like Christ’s (Prov. 6) by @0rode #LAWisdom Devotional

@thelafamily devotional

Reading: Proverbs 6, Genesis 6

A Mind Like Christ’s

Text: My son, keep thy father’s commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother: – Proverbs 6:20


We can do all things through Christ if we assert a mind like Christ’s and Proverbs 6 highlights attitudes we must subdue under Christ’s authority:

Honour (vv. 1-5);

Service (vv. 6-11);

Love (vv. 12-19); and

Faithfulness (vv. 20-35).

Am I honorable in my word? Am I committed to endlessly serve God to the fullness of my capabilities? Do I sow seeds of love or discord? Am I faithful to the LORD God, His word and purpose in my life or am I easily seduced by the allure of the world?

Our relationship with God and the word is the foundation for all our relationships. If we are unfaithful adulterers in spirit, guaranteed that which is hidden in our hearts will surface through our character.

Read the word for understanding. Read it for truth. More importantly read it so that you can live and be, as God requires you.


Beloved, show me things I have never seen through Your word so my understanding of what you require increases. I want to be more like you, teach me, in Jesus’ name,


Written by Orode Faka of @theLAfamily