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The LA Family

‘A Measured Pattern’ by @yinkaakinwale #LAFruits Devotional


Reading: Ezekiel 41, Psalm 108

A Measured Pattern

TEXT: “to the space above the door, even to the inner room, and on the outside. And on all the walls all around, inside and outside, was a measured pattern.” Ezekiel 41:17 (ESV)

One guilty pleasure I have is Kentucky Fried Chicken’s (KFC) chicken wings. So, whenever I want a treat, I will indulge. KFC, being a franchised food chain, operates by selling its branding rights to different individuals in different locations. Each must commit to operating according to KFC’s specified standards. As such, every KFC outlet I have ever visited looks the same, tastes the same, and feels exactly the same. Their strict enforcement of high standards creates an efficient and reputable global brand.

Are we operating according to God’s measured standard? In our personal lives, as well as in our acts of ministry to Him, are we giving room to little compromises, which are tainting the lustre of His anointing at work in us? Wherever it is that we feel called to serve – whether in a local church, on the Internet, or perhaps in our places of work, God expects us to maintain a certain standard in our expression of His calling on our lives. For example, He wants us to stay humble, no matter how much wealth we have; remain broken vessels for His use, no matter how much fame and popularity we seem to be acquiring; go the extra mile to show kindness without discrimination, etc.

God wants to spread the sweet fragrance of His knowledge through us in every place (2 Corinthians 2:14). To do that efficiently, God requires us to follow the pattern He has given to us in His Word.

LEARN and APPLY: When people interact with us, do they leave feeling like they just encountered the Lord Himself? Be prayerful and trust God to help us pattern our lives more and more after His measured pattern.

Pray: Dear Father, I ask for grace to truly represent You and Your anointing in everything that I do. Let the sweet fragrance of Your person resonate through me to everything and everyone around me. Use me for your glory, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Written by Yinka Akinwale (@yinkaakinwale) of @thelafamily