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June 22 – Proverbs 22 : The Generous Eye

The Generous Eye
Proverbs 22

Text: He who has a generous eye will be blessed,
For he gives of his bread to the poor (v. 9).

Learn and Apply: There are some times when I would tell my mum that I would do this and that for her. And she would say, “Because you have said it, you have already done it.” I guess she was happy that I had those good thoughts in my heart. So with God. The Lord loves when we have a generous eye – looking for whom to bless, whom to do good to. That heart that seeks to be a blessing to someone in need, or someone who is not as blessed as we are. That is the generous eye.

But whilst it is good to have a generous eye, it is even better to have a generous hand – a hand that gives, that supports others, that holds others up until they can stand strong on their own. And God does not leave such persons unblessed. He gives seed to the sower, he says (2 Cor. 9:10), and will multiply the grace upon such a person.

May it be said of us, He hath a generous eye, and doth not leave anyone near us to go to bed hungry.

Pray: Thank you Father for providing seed to the sower. Please give me the grace to be a blessing to others in Jesus name.

Written by Ike Amadi