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The LA Family

Happy New Month! – December: Christ Consciousness #LAFruits Devotional

@thelafamily Dec 2015
Reading: John 1, Psalm 119

I Am An Open Channel For Christ

TEXT: “And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.” John 1:16 (NKJV)

Welcome to December, the final chapter to 2015 and our month of ‘Christ Consciousness’. The definition of ‘consciousness’ is to be fully aware, perceptive and responsive to one’s own existence, thoughts, surroundings etc. And by definition as Christians it is an acute awareness of Christ, as the source of our consciousness, meaning our lives should experience the presence of Christ within us.

Yes, the consciousness that is pleasing to God is one that is Christ-centred, which is based on God’s love (John 3:16), God’s truth (John 1:1, 1:17) and God’s grace (John 1:14. 1 John 1:9). And get this; we do not receive a portion but the complete ‘fullness’ on account of our belief (John 1:12). In Philippians 2:5-7, we are also taught how to live with this mindset of Christ consciousness, and just as Jesus did not abuse his position and power as the son of God but came to serve mankind, so too are we to have this same mindset.

Therefore, what is your mindset, are you experiencing a full awareness of Christ in you? Is your faith an open channel for Christ to be experienced by others? As you freely receive from God everyday, are you freely giving all that God has gifted to you through Christ?

LEARN and APPLY: The gift of ‘grace’ is our foundation of truth that strengthens our journey through life. It builds us with hope, fills us with joy and keeps us grounded in peace. It is also one that we ought to share with others so they too can know God’s love for them.

Pray: Father forgive me for those times I have taken Your grace for granted. Thank You for loving me despite my shortcomings and for always being ready to guide me to be conscious of Christ within me. From today, I shall honour my role as your child and servant, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Happy New Month!
The LA Family