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The LA Family

‘Our Covenant Keeping God’ (Haggai 2) by @0rode #LAFruits Devotional

Reading: Haggai 2, Psalm 46
@thelafamily September 19

Our Covenant Keeping God

TEXT: ““‘Yes, get to work! For I am with you.’ The GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies is speaking! ‘Put into action the word I covenanted with you when you left Egypt. I’m living and breathing among you right now. Don’t be timid. Don’t hold back.’” Haggai 2:5 (MSG)

When I moved into my neighbourhood I had a vision to start a community project. Life got in the way and as usual, I tried balancing it all – realising the vision, work, and motherhood, which led to a desire to emigrate. However my efforts, and my misguided faith that God will make a way for me to leave, was unsuccessful. This frustrated me, which brought me banging on God’s door with questions. The response was humbling. God reminded me of my promise to honour the vision, which He had not forgotten but was waiting for me to seek Him first, to trust and obey.

It is so easy to forget just how far God has lifted us from bondage-type experiences like the Israelites had in the time of Haggai. It is also very easy for the years to overshadow our initial desires to serve God when we first accepted and believed in Christ Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God. Dreams fade, visions blur and at times doubts and frustration slowly pollute our faith and make us unclean just as Haggai responded to the priests (Haggai 2:14).

Read today’s chapters and affirm your rightful covenant with God (Matt 12:17-21). Dare to dream (Joel 2:28). Dare to close doors (Rev. 2:4). Dare to be more than your circumstances (1 John 4:4). Watch the words you confess with your mouth and trust in God, the source of your strength.

LEARN and APPLY: In Psalm 46:10, God tells us to “Be Still”. God will never forget why you are called His child, make this your confession and permit God to reveal His glory through you.

Pray: Father, I am ready to do Your will; I am your humble servant. Make the glory of my coming years greater than Your former glory in me. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Written by Orode Faka of @thelafamily