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The LA Family

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Making the Word Work Mightily in You

Oct 01, 2015 Ike Amadi 0 »

Introduction The entrance of God’s word brings light, strength, power, and faith; and faith comes by hearing and by hearing (reading, teaching) the word of God (Rom 10:17). The Word of God shatters everything that is not the will of God in our lives when given the rightful place in …

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7 Refreshing Quotes on the #Sanctified Life. #LAFruits

Jun 04, 2015 Ike Amadi 1 »

1. Sin is the peculiar thing in the life of man which dims the consciousness of man so he cannot comprehend God.(Tweet This) 2. The spirit lies dormant in most men until quickened by the living Spirit of God and until fertilized by the real Spirit of Jesus Christ.(Tweet This) …

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Please Read: The Benefits of Walking in Love

Apr 30, 2015 lafamily 1 »

By Kenneth Hagin The benefits include health and healing. The best time to get in on it is while you’re young, so you can enjoy the blessings and the benefits of walking in the God-kind of love all the rest of your life. Walking in love is walking in godliness, …

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You can’t have two fathers

Mar 22, 2015 lafamily 0 »

You cannot have the two natures at the same time. If you did, you would belong to two families at the same time. God would be your Father, and Satan would be your father.

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