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A Friend’s Influence on Your Destiny by W.F. Kumuyi

A Friend’s Influence on Your Destiny

by Rev (Dr.) W.F. Kumuyi

Unfulfilled desires can affect one’s health. Amnon’s friend observed that Amnon was losing weight due to the wicked thought in his heart. But instead of that friend advising him aright, he counselled him wrongly.

1. The corrupting advice of Trifling friends.
2 Samuel 13:3
They look at your life and the advice they give you

2. The corrective admonition of true friends.

3. The corresponding acknowledgement of the truest friend.
Jesus is our friend and even though he traveled to another country, he left his wisdom here. When you have any trials or temptation, you can turn to these friends and take their wisdom. Here is your friend and he has left the wisdom behind. There is no problem in your life that the promise of Christ cannot take care of. We have the whole Bible. The words of my friend, Jesus, and those of my friends – the apostles.

Your life will be happy. You will be righteous. And that’s why we study this all the time, and what we study will be of benefit to you.

Don’t ask people who have never done what you are doing for advice. They will mislead you. e.g a married man asking a single man for advice.

Jonadab should have:
1. Rebuked his friend (Prov. 27:5)
2. Reasoned with his friend (Acts 24:25)
3. Reminded his friend who he is (Heb. 10:31)
4. Restrained his friend (1 Sam 25:32)
5. Restored his friend – fast together, pray together; Not given him space to do evil.
6. Remained with him until the evil thought leaves him. Ezekiel 3:15
7. Reported his friend. Gen. 37:2

Are you going to be a counsellor? An adviser? Be a man or woman of the word.

Jonadab should have:
1. Informed the father
2. Ignored his fears
3. Intimated his friend of the steps he had taken.

To Tamar, he should have:
1. Warned the ignorant
2. Woken up the individual
3. Watched over innocent Tamar

3. The corresponding acknowledgment of the truest friend
Luke 12:4ff; John 15:13

You are a child of God and a friend of Jesus. Proverbs 22:11
Jesus Christ is our best and truest friend. He has given us the Bible.
Your converts will not die in sin in Jesus name. You’ll turn their lives in the right direction.
Notes by Ikechukwu Amadi from the Leadership Development Teaching by Dr. W.F. Kumuyi

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