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7 Ways to Stay Spiritually on Fire! by Dr. Paul Enenche

Dunamis theme for 2020

By: Dr. Paul Enenche

1. Understanding what we mean by personal spiritual revival
2. Understanding the secrets of personal spiritual revival

We live in a world that places a very high demand on our spiritual lives.
We live in a world that is abundant in unrighteousness making the love of God to run down in the lives of many. (Matt. 24:12; 2Tim. 3:1-3)

This is knowing what to do:
1. To keep the altar fire burning
2. To maintain spiritual intensity, vibrancy and buoyancy
3. To avoid spiritual dryness and staleness
4. To maintain spiritual freshness and newness (to remain spiritually irrigated)
5. To maintain spiritual momentum, drive and enthusiasm
6. To remain spiritually aware, awake and alive
7. To remain spiritually relevant and impactful

1. Maintain brokenness (Hos. 10:12; John 6:11-12; Mark 14:3; John 12:3; Gen. 7:11; 1Cor. 26-29)
A broken man or woman is a revival in motion
An arrogant person will never know what revival is all about
Brokenness is being free of pride, even spiritual pride; it is key to maintaining revival
Brokenness before God is the secret of usefulness with God
It takes brokenness to have the fragrance of the Master around your life (Mk. 14:3)
Openness from Heaven comes in response to brokenness from the earth
God uses humble people to achieve His purpose on the earth
God wants to bring you to the point where you cannot boast so that you can be used mightily by Him for His glory

2. Maintain permanent hunger (hunger for God and for reality) (Matt. 5:6; Ps. 63:1-2; 2Kings 4:3-4)
We run out of revival when we run out of hunger
We run out of fire when we run out of desire
Never get to the point where you are overfamiliar with God; remain a stranger with Him. Never get to the point where you are satisfied with what you have achieved with God
To agree to be satisfied is to be set aside by God (2Kings 4:3-4)
Until you see Jesus Face to face there is still a phase, a realm a level, there is still something He wants to do with your life

3. Pray without ceasing (1Thess. 5:13; Eph. 6:18; John 7:37-39)
Pray without ceasing means pray like you breathe
When prayer fire goes down, spiritual life goes down, revival fire goes down
Your spiritual life is literally irrigated by your prayer life, especially prayer in the Spirit (John 7:37-39)
Every time prayer begins to decay, spiritual life begins to dry

4. Maintain the consecrational fast (Isa. 40:29-31; 2Cor. 11:27)
Waiting on the Lord is a spiritual strength and spiritual fire renewal exercise

5. Maintain a daily intake of the Word (Matt. 4:4; Luke 4:4)
As we live by food in the physical, we also live by food in the spiritual – Rhema, light and insight
When we don’t eat in the physical, there is weight loss, malnutrition and susceptibility to infection; in the spiritual, lack of daily intake of the Word results in the loss of strength, energy, spiritual weight, power, and the loss of ability to withstand afflictions!

6. Maintain righteousness (Hos. 10:12)
Don’t live in sin; don’t sleep with unconfessed sin, it hardens your conscience
When you maintain the tenderness of conscience, you cannot be comfortable with the wrong thing, and when you maintain such an atmosphere, your revival is continuous

7. Connect with positive influence and inspiration (Prov. 27:17; Acts 4:13)
Let there be somebody who challenges your spirituality positively
We need to hear of things that others have experienced with God that will push us into depths with God
Who is your closest friend? Whose voice do you listen to?
The influence around you and the inspiration of your life determines the revival you will see. Beware who speaks into your ears.

Thank You Lord for Your Word to us tonight. To You be all the praise, honour and adoration, in Jesus’ Name.

– Coronavirus you are dried up to your roots. The mystery of your existence is cursed by the mystery of the Blood of Jesus!
– The agenda of the devil in your life is over!
– Supernatural supplies are coming along for you – drastic, dramatic, dimensional supernatural supplies!

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