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The LA Family

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Our Sevenfold Privilege in Christ by Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Dec 28, 2019 Ike Amadi 0 » fresh

1. Peace 2. Purity 3. Power in the holy spirit – fullness of power. You will be in charge of every area of your life. No more missing opportunities due to lack of power. 4. Privilege of divine healing from all sicknesses. Time of weakness is over…. 5. The provision …

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Power Faith and Glory Faith by Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Oct 07, 2019 Ike Amadi 0 » fresh

Daddy GO. You want to see the glory and power of GOd, believe! John 11:40 The central requirement to enjoying the glory of God is to have faith. God is not a talkative Psalm 62:11 Habbakuk 2:4 Romans 1:17 Galatians 3:11 Hebrews 10:38 1. The power faith 2. The glory …

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The Priority and the Pursuit of a Transformed Soul. by W. F. Kumuyi

Jul 25, 2019 Ike Amadi 0 » fresh

Hope in God. Those troubles you see today you shall see them no more. Psalm 46:6,11 Your time has now come. God is our priority, he is our pursuit. Matthew 6:31-33 NO more worry in your life, no perplexity in your life, no confusion in your life. Rom 8:32 – …

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Grace for Victory Over Leaders’ Peculiar Temptation by Pastor Kumuyi

Jun 21, 2019 Ike Amadi 0 » fresh

Tuesday leadership. Grace for Victory over leaders’ peculiar temptation 1. The variety of temptations of leaders and laborers. 1. The temptation to compromise The leader faces the temptation to quit when the going is tough. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. When the leader stands alone and there …

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The Hotter your Prayer Life, the Brighter your Star

Apr 25, 2019 Ike Amadi 0 » fresh

The anointing to complete what you have started is coming upon you. My dream, my pursuit must be granted. Anything that stopped you before cannot stop you anymore. I am free! Everyone is a star, but there are stars that don’t shine. It is the plan of God for everyone …

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Divine Intervention, My Best Way of Living by Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Apr 24, 2019 Ike Amadi 0 » fresh

Benson Idahosa: Divine Intervention, My Best Way of Living God is a very very very faithful God. Be committed to him. If you are committed to anything with divided mind, you cannot last. Everything God put in the Bible is for our own example, so that the day we believe, …

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The Time for God’s Manifestation in Your Life Has Come by Dr D.K Olukoya

Apr 23, 2019 Ike Amadi 0 » fresh

The Time for God’s Manifestation in Your Life Has Come by Daniel Olukoya Romans 8:19 (read in different versions) A lot of Christians are a disgrace to heaven; they are an embarrassment to heaven. A pollution to divine altar, and embarrassment to the holy of holies. Your family is waiting …

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How to Open Your Personal Heaven by Dr. D.K. Olukoya

Ike Amadi 0 » fresh

When your Heavens are Brass Deut 28:23 – Thy heaven. Ephesians 6:12; 3:10 For your life to prosper, the heavens must be involved. A man shall receive nothing until he be given it from above. Whatever is not from above, will kill that person. Got a wife that is not …

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Boys Marry for Sex by Archbishop Duncan Williams

Apr 22, 2019 Ike Amadi 0 » fresh

Boys marry for sex, men marry for purpose. Boys are dependent, men are independent. Until you are independent of your father and mother, taking responsibility, keeping your house clean and decent, you are not qualified to marry. Being a woman does not qualify you to marry. To marry, be a …

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Archbishop Benson Idahosa

10 Life Changing Quotes by Archbishop Benson Idahosa

Apr 20, 2019 Ike Amadi 0 » fresh

Life is full of choice but faith in God will affect them all. If you turn to Jesus as your last resort, He will become your result If you know where you are going, you will not be afraid of where you are now. When you give the devil attention, it will give you direction …

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